Restauranteur, Entrepreneur, and Content Creator

An Authentic Brand Story - Saturday, June 24th - Creators Studio 3

Bricia  Lopez  is  a  partner  at  Guelaguetza  Restaurant,  LA’s  temple  for  Oaxacan  cuisine. She has become a staunch proponent of Oaxacan culture and an integral figure in the gastronomic culture of Los Angeles. In 2015, her restaurant was awarded the coveted American  Classics  award  from  the  James  Beard  Award  Foundation  and  the  LA  Times awarded her with the Latinos de Hoy Cultural Ambassador Award. Her and her family’s story  has  been  featured  in  numerous publications  including,, The  New Yorker  and  The  Ringer. In  addition  to  the  restaurant,  Bricia  and  her  siblings  have launched an online shop where they sell their bottled mole paste and proprietary cocktail mix, I Love Micheladas.

After becoming a mother, Bricia and her sister Paulina launched the Super Mamás Podcast, it began as a weekly show where they both share their experiences as working mothers alongside guests and experts. The brand quickly became what it is today, a full lifestyle media company, complete with events, corporate partners and a national network of moms across the country.