The Dealmakers: Brokering the Path to Success - Saturday, June 24th - Creators Studio 2

Daniel Vang started at William Morris as a feature film literary assistant where he worked for two years as assistant to senior agent Alan Gasmer before eventually landing at Benderspink, working for Chris Bender and Jake Weiner. There, he spent time on production for BURT WONDERSTONE and WE’RE THE MILLERS. In 2012, Daniel was promoted to a literary manager in both film and TV. Daniel Vang represents feature writers working at all the major studios as well as writers that are staffed on shows such as GOTHAM, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, CHICAGO FIRE, AGENT CARTER, MARVEL AGENTS OF SHIELD, HAWAII 5-0, and most recently SNOWFALL and FAMOUS IN LVOE etc. His client Ashleigh Powell’s movie NUTCRACKER will be released by Disney next winter.