Best-Selling Author/Digital Media Entrepreneur

Creating Content for the Future: Friday, June 23rd - Creators Studio 3

Guy Garcia is a best-selling author, digital media entrepreneur and noted expert on evolutionary social trends. His high-tech science fiction novel, Swarm, was praised by Blue Ink Reviews as “a fantastic postmodern technothriller that marries the ethos of Michael Crichton to the inherent threats posed by social technology…an utterly thrilling novel.” The ‘Swarm VR 360 Experience’ was shared at the Sundance Festival VR Bar in January 2017, and is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Guy is President of New Mainstream Initiatives for EthniFacts Inc., and a co-founder of Total New York, an award-winning online urban site that pioneered the use of geo-based interactive content, live webcasting and virtual avatar environments. A contributor to The New York Times, The Huffington Post, the National Review, PBS, NPR and CNN, he is a frequent presenter at social innovation and technology events, including the Disney Ideation Summit, the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Leadership Conference, and SXSW Interactive in Austin. He lives in New York City.