Editor-in-chief / CEO, 8Asians.com

Critical Voices: The Importance of Film Critics of Color - Friday, June 23rd - Creators Studio 1

Jocelyn “Joz” Wang is a consultant and digital entrepreneur creating spaces for under-represented voices, she is Editor-in-chief/CEO of the popular collaborative online publication 8Asians.com, which features original, diverse commentary by Asians from around the world. She is also a contributor to blogging.LA, flagship site of the Metblogs Network. In 2011, she acquired Metblogs and now runs the entire international networkconsisting of over 50 sites worldwideas its Publisher/CEO.

In 2012, Joz became the Founder and Executive Director
of the annual
V3con: the V3 Digital Media Conference which celebrates and expands the “Vision. Visibility. Voice.” of diverse journalists, media professionals and digital enthusiasts. Bringing together more than 500 people from around the world, Joz was honored with the first “V3 Voice Award,” for giving voice to Asian Americans and helping others find their voices online.

She is the creator, executive producer, and host of “Post Show and Tell,” the recap and after show for season one of the ABC sitcom, Dr. Ken, starring Ken Jeong.

Joz was nominated in 2013 for the Women’s Media Center Social Media Award