Creative Consultant / Content Developer-Producer / Speaker /TV Veteran Network and Studio Executive

Emerging Content Creators Workshop: Thursday, June 22nd - Creators Studio 1

Lucia Cottone is a veteran Hollywood Television Development Executive. Her last corporate post was as SVP Original Programming for the Global Sony TV Network Group. In 2013, Lucia took a hiatus and in that space pursued a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology. In 2014, she launched Knack Talent where she is a Creative Consultant. Her diverse background gives her the unique ability to guide and support her clients in achieving optimal creative experiences in any enterprise one is looking to enhance or newly thrive into. Lucia’s desire to continue to express her voice in the content world also led her to co-found LA Media 3, an independent production entity, which develops stories that touch our collective emotional interests – breaking the boundaries of culture, social class, and gender to explore our human universality. Their first project is an adaptation of Alisa Valdes’ novel The Dirty Girls Social Club.