Creating Content for the Future: Friday, June 23rd- Creators Studio 3

Rose Troche is an award-winning writer/director/producer working in film, television and new media. Her work includes, Go Fish, Bedrooms and Hallways, The Safety of Objects, Six Feet Under, The L Word, South of Nowhere, Sugar, Star and many more. Her work in Virtual Reality includes; Perspective, Chapter One: The Party, and Chapter Two: The Misdemeanor, and most recently If Not Love all of which premiered in the New Frontier section of The Sundance Film Festival. She also directed the award winning 360 music video, Runaround for The Donnies, The Amys. She is currently working on Maddy Morphess a limited VR series based on Kafka's The Metamorphosis. This fall she is shooting her fourth feature Wendy Drinks Beer For Breakfast. She also serves as a mentor for QAM, IFP, FIND and an advisor for The Sundance Institute International screenwriter's labs as well as The New Frontier Story Lab.